Casement Windows

Casement windows typically are attached to their respective window frame by hinges at the side of the window. The casement window was not widely used on British property until the start of the Edwardian period, circa 1890 onwards. However from this date there was an explosion of designs, glazing and construction. Glazing directly into the frame, internal & […]

Box Sash Windows

The term “sash windows” can be used interchangeably with the term “box sash windows” in the UK and is generally used to describe the same type of window. Historically there is a small difference as box sash windows tend to be heavier and more stately in nature than their more modern cousins, but both terms are used within the industry […]

Sash Windows

A sash window is a style of window often associated with period properties. It usually comprises of at least one movable panel referred to as a sash. The sash being a frame containing glass panels. Several panes of glass may be used to form the panel. They were first used in England in the 17th […]